Video Production

There are several different types of video that we can produce to use in your communications campaign, no matter what it is.

The first category is interviews.  These can be used in many different ways, including simply posting them on your website so people can “meet’ your key people.  We have a special package for an in-office shoot so that you can capture several people at once.

The second category is image videos.  We have a standard format for the creation of these videos which we can do for a fixed fee.  There are also other options for production values, most of which are bid by the individual job.

The final category is event video.  This is often overlooked by other digital media agencies as videos from speaking events is not considered dynamic.  But as a source of information, video documentation of an event that features speakers in your industry is invaluable.  Event video is also excellent for internal communications and for both internal and customer training.

Sample rates:

Interview $200
Two Interviews same session $250
Three Interviews same session $300
Standard Image Video (follows specific format) $3,400
Custom Image Video (estimate) $9,100
“Feltboard” video $3,000
Event Video (2 hour min) $500

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