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The founders and principles of Quantum Surge Media have eclectic backgrounds that give them a broad perspective across technological, social, and political arenas.

Varushka Franceschi

As the daughter of a diplomat brought up on the world stage, Varushka, who speaks multiple languages fluently  including English, French and Italian, is uniquely qualified to lead promotional efforts worldwide.  She comes from a background in the creative arts, having studied theater and film in Paris, Rome, London and New York. As a creative marketing strategist she brought her talents to such diverse digital communications companies such as Luminant Worldwide where her clients included Sony, Vogue Magazine and M &M Mars.  She also founded Shapeshift Dream Productions a film production company whose mission is enable a profound shift in perception using film, together with digital and traditional media. Varushka is on the Advisory Board of the Lifeboat Foundation and is now on both the Media and Arts Board as well as the Sustainability Board. The Lifeboat Foundation is a non-profit nongovernmental organization dedicated to encouraging scientific advancements while while navigating through increasingly powerful and complex technologies.  The last several years of her social advocacy centered on energy awareness issues and her engaging, vivacious personality leading to the inevitable conclusion that Varushka is a perfect resource to lead Basic Element’s image campaign.

Steve Durham

Steve has an eclectic career that has taken him into many different levels and aspects of both society and business, from rural Iowa to New York City and from mining company pilot plant operations to ad agency owner/operator to media production and software development.  Along the way Steve has amassed an impressive set of skills and experience (copywriting, audio and video production, programming, instructional design) and has been involved in projects as varied as CD-ROM game development (“The Pagemaster” for Turner Interactive/Hanna Barbera/20th Century Fox) to high-level instructional programs on a corporate-wide basis (KPMG and Forest Pharmaceuticals) to educational initiatives (Jazz at LIncoln Center).

In short, Steve has had practical, hands-on experience in every discipline related to both the technical and creative sides of the tasks required to bring a technical solution to market and the requisite understanding of the social issues to be able to frame the message in an compelling manner.

Aria McKenna

Originally from Gainesville Florida, Aria learned to speak Italian in Rome, Italy while attending high school. She then made her way to Los Angeles where she graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts with Adam Scott, Paige Moss, and Kerri Kasem.

After a Shakespeare internship in Santa Cruz, California, Paul Rudd helped cast her in a production of ‘Bloody Poetry’ which she acted in with Paul, Adam Scott, and Kelly Rowan at The Globe Playhouse in West Hollywood.

She took Master Classes for several years with The Moscow Arts Theatre Company’s George Shdanoff (who was Michael Checkov’s creative partner.), and considered ‘one of the most notable theatrical minds of our century’. Aria also helped with the organization of George’s 90th Birthday celebration, where she assisted Douglas Fairbanks Jr, and appears in the documentary, ‘From Russia to Hollywood ..’ which immortalizes George’s life and his partnership with Michael Checkov.

While working with The Los Angeles Theatre Company, she also worked with Barry Primus, and notable Georgian actress, Ia Parulava. Aria also studied acting on stage with the Lynn Redgrave.

In 1999 Aria won First Place in The National Society of Arts and Letters Acting Competition for the South Eastern United States. That same year she was nominated Best Actress for her performance as Jo in ‘Little Women’.

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