Welcome to Quantum Surge Media

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Quantum Surge Media is a communications company for a new age of social and media consciousness, a step beyond the mere flash in the pan, moment to moment world of social media, to envision a world where once again substance and quality matters more than image and perception.  Our backgrounds go back to a time before digital communications became the norm, and we are now seeking to integrate the immediacy of social media with the values that often get lost in that rush.

The name “Quantum Surge Media” comes from the concept which guides our activity – the idea that things remain the same until they reach an energetic “tipping point” at which a “quantum surge” happens which propels that thing up to the next level, whatever that might be.  This is how things tend to occur in nature.  Our tagline “Media at the Quantum Level” encompasses another key concept – that this change must be initiated at the “quantum level”, that is at the very core – the building blocks that define the identity and mission of each and every organization.  We believe that each enterprise is built on a core operative concept that is different even for companies in the same industry.  We know how to identify that concept and create campaigns built from this holistic center.

Our services cover every discipline required to create, develop, and implement public relations, advertising, marketing communications, and social media campaigns.  This includes video and audio production, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, websites, and interactive media including apps and interactive web pages.  We have direct, hands-on experience in each and every such discipline and objective.

We look forward to serving you.